About emmaline 

Passionate Melbourne mum of three, Emmaline Caroll Southwell, erupted on social media
platforms with her interactive family based content and wholesome approach to parenting.
A recent TikTok post of her ten and four-year-old sons reading out a poem encouraging kindness and acceptance regardless of sexuality, gender, and race, was viewed by millions of people in less than a week and sparked the interest of publishing powerhouse, Affirm Press, securing her a book deal instantly. Her content promotes fostering children’s creativity organically through mural arts and her authentic voice advocates for a more progressive modern Australian family. Although she strives for the most holistic method of parenting, she recognises that all parents make mistakes and views parenting as a continuous learning journey. With a family mission statement that boasts equal treatment to its core, Emmaline is pursuing a better future, not just for her kids but for kids all around the globe.